About Us

Owners: Andy and Karen Call ; Manager: Kirsten Call


The History of Southridge Golf Range and Larobi's Pizza

 Owners Andy and Karen Call built Southridge Golf Range in 2001, located behind Sam's Club in Southridge, Charleston, West Virginia.  Andy has been an avid golfer most of his life, and his wife, Karen, has been in the restaurant business for about 40 years.  

In 2008, an electrical fire caused the original Southridge Golf Range to burn to the ground, causing Andy and Karen to rebuild the building from scratch.  The rebuild took a year to complete, and during this year, the golf range remained open and was operated out of a small trailer.

Larobi's Pizza was not added to the business until 2013, but it has thrived ever since its addition.  

Southridge Golf Range and Larobi's Pizza are open 10 AM - 10 PM, seven days a week and normally stay open even later through the summer.


Larobi's Pizza

The original Larobi's Pizza is located in St. Albans, West Virginia, and Larobi's at Southridge Golf Range uses the exact same ingredients and ovens.  Each pizza takes approximately 15 minutes to make.  The dough is handmade and toppings are fresh and bought locally.  The signature dish is the Big O, which has nine toppings: four meats and five vegetables.  Sandwiches, beer and wine are also offered at Larobi's.  Click below to see our full menu.